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A Heartfelt Way to Honor Your Loved Ones


Certain events and people leave a deep mark on our lives. They, so to speak, have a fateful influence on how our life unfolds. And although our memory will keep the memories of these events forever, some details may get erased or muted by the flow of time. Luckily, we have harnessed the light and dark that granted us a gift of photography. Thanks to its time-stopping superpower, we are able to freeze a beautiful moment and keep the most precious memories intact. Along with that, we can bank on a commemorative photoshoot to show our gratitude to people and things that shaped our personalities and changed the course of our lives

There are so many ways to commemorate someone or something – from dedicating a vine to them to planting a tree. One of my clients, Cynthia, found a unique way to say ‘thank you’ to her dad who has done so much for her. She honored the memory of him by having a commemorative photoshoot with his portrait. And I must be frank with you – this was one of the most poignant and touching episodes in my career as a photographer.

Cynthia’s Hero

Every daughter is proud of her father. After all, our fathers are the architects of our lives. Yes, we are free to make decisions on our own, but it is our parents who shape our worldview and teach us to be strong. But there are some fathers who become role models not only for their children but also for entire generations. Cynthia’s father is of this kind. A United States Military veteran, Billy J. Alverson, was a true hero of his country. For his heroism, valor, and outstanding service, he was awarded the Good Conduct Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and a National Defense Service Medal. But the most important decoration in his commendable collection is the Bronze Star awarded to him for his meritorious achievements.


Not only for his motherland, but Billy J. Alverson was also a hero for his daughter. With his example and wise words, he taught Cynthia to face each day as a grand opportunity and fight till the end to accomplish her goals. “The one who succeeds is the one who keeps getting back up and tries again” – he told her that shortly before his demise. These words inspired Cynthia to boldly seize opportunities and never give up, even when the whole universe turned its back on her.

A True Daughter of Her Father

Unfortunately, the world did not always treat Cynthia well. She had to fight for her happiness and the right to succeed. Thankfully, her father’s wisdom encouraged her to be a fighter. It became a guiding star that illuminated her path in the dark.


In 2009, Cynthia lost her position as a certified paralegal due to the financial crisis. It became a dark period in her life and slammed her self-esteem to the ground – she thought she was indispensable in her role but, apparently, fate had other plans for her. After a year spent volunteering with non-profit organizations, Cynthia came across a BS degree program in Forensic Accounting at Guilford College. At her previous position, she used to work with forensic accountants, so this opportunity felt like a sign from above. Getting ahead of the story, going back to college really was a life-changing decision.


Was it a risky venture? Sure, because Cynthia was 52 at that time and for many people, their age would seem like an obstacle. But not for Cynthia. She bravely grabbed the bull by the horns and got what she earned through blood, sweat, and tears.


In 2012, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Forensic Accounting. The top of her class and 98% at the ACFE exam – all this at the age of 54! Soon after that, Cynthia started her own business and never looked back. Would she be able to achieve all of that without her father believing in her? – I do not know. But what I know for sure is that at that moment, he was looking at her from above and saying, “That’s my girl”.


Cynthia’s Commemorative Photoshoot in Honor of Her Father


Soon after her life got back on track, Cynthia became a thriving expert in her field. Attorneys were lining up to work with her. She did not even have time to pat herself on the back and properly celebrate her graduation. But better late than never, and after a few years, Cynthia finally got her graduation сcommemorative photoshoot.


All of this would not have happened without the support of her father. Although Cynthia always felt like he was watching over her from heaven, she wished he were there with her. And even if this was not destined to happen, Cynthia came up with a clever way to invite him to her photo event. At the same time, it became a great opportunity to honor his memory. So, with his portrait in her hands and his military awards, she was standing tall and proud of her father.

Although he passed away 18 years ago, his legacy still lives on in Cynthia and her achievements. You will not find it hard to see that this brave woman is truly her father’s daughter. Just like him, she was never afraid to pursue big goals. Just like him, she works hard to make her country a better place. Without a shade of doubt, her father is as proud of her as she is proud of him.

Get Your Own Commemorative Photoshoot

Do you want to pay tribute to people who changed your perspective? Or do you wish to perpetuate events that made you who you are? Commemorative photography is the best way to celebrate life-changing occasions and individuals. Let yourself enjoy a special moment and get inspiring photos as a keepsake. All you must do is pick up the phone and arrange your photoshoot with me, Tamara Knight. My photo studio is a place where your background and your ideas, even the most unconventional ones, are treated with respect.

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