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Transformation Photo Project for 40 Women Over 40

She is an inspiration for poets and a muse for artists; she is an embodiment of kindness, care, affection, and beauty; she is a woman. As a photographer, I find women to be the most mysterious and exciting subjects. I never cease to admire their inner strength and inexhaustible energy. And at the same time, a woman can be fragile and vulnerable, soft and tender. It amazes me how strength and vulnerability can harmoniously coexist in the same human being. Long story short, I love taking pictures of women. This is one of the many reasons why I created 40 Over 40 Revolution, a photo project for women over 40 to celebrate their incredible selves.


Why Women Over 40?


All women are beautiful. The problem is that many of them don’t know about it. Or refuse to consider themselves as such. Or they just don’t have time to see their beauty. This is something that makes me truly upset. So I decided to change it. Naturally, it’s not enough to just tell a woman that she’s gorgeous. A picture, on the other hand, can work wonders. But just a picture won’t do – we all know that the picture we see in the mirror fails to bolster our confidence. What if my team and I can help a woman transform to see a different version of herself? A picture showing how stunning she can – and should be – is the most potent remedy to the ‘I don’t look good’ ailment.


Unfortunately, this ailment most often affects females over 40. They believe that their time to shine is over. They think that such ventures as fashion photoshoots are for anyone but them. My mission is to prove them wrong. Moreover, I want to show that late bloomers can give a head start over youngsters because they have their own unique life stories. They have inspiring experiences that they can share with others. They can teach us a lesson on how to stay unbroken in the turbulent waters of everyday life. Therefore, my focus was precisely on women over forty.


40 Over 40 Revolution


Overall, it took me more than a year to take 40 Over 40 Revolution from an idea to completion. What a journey it was! I got to meet so many wonderful ladies, witnessed so many dramatic transformations, and heard so many amazing stories – sometimes poignant, sometimes fairytale-like, but always uplifting. The heroines of my photo project were women from 40 to 71 years old, from housewives to businesswomen, from happily married to happily single. They are all so different but all so gorgeous!


And their portraits prove it! Look at those happy smiles, those glowing eyes, those stunning figures. But most importantly, look at these personalities! Some of them overcame a lot, but in the struggle with adversity, they came out victorious. These are the portraits of women who grow stronger every day. These are the portraits of women who get more charming with every passing year. These women are living and breathing proof that you can be beautiful with any body shape and at any age. They’re an encouragement to love yourself.

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More than Photo Stories


My job as a photographer isn’t only to take beautiful pictures but also to draw people together. 40 Over 40 project was no exception. One of the most exciting parts of this experience was the ‘after-party’ event that brought together all the wonderful women I’ve had the pleasure to meet during this year in the same room and at the same time. Each of my muses got their time under the spotlight to share their stories and present their hand-picked portraits. Do I have to say that it was a blast? Champagne, delicacies, and lots of new friends – we celebrated the completion of our mega photo project on a high note.


It’s great that projects like 40 Over 40 Revolution can change someone’s life, but it’s even better if they can help the community. It is important for me to support charitable organizations that come to the aid of people in need, and our exhibition was a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause. Together, we managed to raise $1610 for One Purse, a local charity that helps victims of human trafficking. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to all who took part in our auction and donated items for it:


Stefani Heisler from Simply You by Stef;
Crowne Plaza;

Alfond Inn;

Stone Spirit;

Dana Marie Rockmore from The Dinner Party Project;

Nicole Millard from One Purse;

Shannon Silva;

Lyudmila Onyski;

Alena Nicole Kolyadchik;

Lindsay Muscato from TeleTies;

Doctor G;

And yours truly, Tamara Knight Photography.

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Revolution 2.0


Want your story of a strong woman to inspire others? Or do you want to gain that much-needed boost of confidence through a makeover photoshoot? This ship hasn’t sailed yet! I’m announcing the start of 40 Over 40 Revolution 2.0 for those who wanted but couldn’t participate in our first photo project.


Wanted: women over 40 of any background, walk of life, body shape, complexion, and marital status.


Reward: An opportunity to become a role model for others and magazine-worthy pictures for good measure.


What we offer:


My team and I welcome you to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that celebrates your body, heart, and soul. Our goal is to help you rediscover your beauty and your mojo. We’ll assist you every step of the way starting from an in-person consultation to help you pick the right outfits and style for your portraits.


It is a makeover photo experience, and it can’t do without professionals to take care of your face and hair. You’ll get to meet some of the best make-up and hair artists in the entire Florida who will make you shine brighter than diamonds.


You are not sure that a photoshoot is right for you because you don’t know how to pose, what to do, and you might be a little scared? Put your shyness aside because I’ll guide you through the entire process of posing. You’ll see that being a photo model is easy, fun, and rewarding!


I am certain that together we can create a lot of breathtaking pictures. One of them will become a piece of fine art – an 11”x14” print of your favorite portrait is my gift to you. Other types of photo prints are also available if you want to indulge in such luxury as canvas painting, wall art, or a good old photo album.


Last but not least, 40 Over 40 Revolution is a chance to share your life journey with the world. The portrait you select and your story will be featured in a magazine dedicated to you, all the beautiful ladies out there.


Are you ready to change your life and spread the message of positivity across the world? Then I am waiting for you! The second chapter of 40 Over 40 Revolution has already started, make your contribution to writing it. Hurry up, places are limited. Don’t hesitate to become one of the forty women who tell a story of beauty, strength, and empowerment!


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At Tamara Knight Photography we can guarantee we will create that amazing result for you.  Let us show what we see in you. With our skills, we will help you pick the right outfits, provide hair and makeup and we will pose you to the tip of your nose! ? Let us walk you through the process, and as a result, you’ll have the most beautiful portrait you’ll be proud of! No stress, no worries, pure enjoyment, and excitement!

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