poses for photography

Poses for Photography

Powerful Photography Poses to Look Your Best


It is amazing how words can trigger our imagination. They draw vibrant images in our heads and write a story full of the smallest details. But pictures, as you know, are worth a thousand words. When looking at people captured in a moment we can try to guess what they feel by their appearance and demeanor. A lowered head, saggy shoulders, and tense lips can speak of enormous sadness. At the same time, an upturned head, a broad smile, and feet firmly standing on the ground are evidence of a bold and confident person. If you want to master the art of showing yourself in the best light, you ought to start with powerful poses for photography.

posing for photography

Remember the old Wonder Woman TV show? Even if you haven’t seen any episode, her signature stance will immediately pop up in your head. A straight back, a direct look, hands on the hips – this is the perfect illustration of a power pose. This is the woman who fears nothing and is confident in her strength. Men adore her and women want to be just like her. Well, not all of us were born superheroes but we can try to create a superhero image. Body language is the first step to accomplishing it.


poses for photography

When it comes to projecting an image full of charisma and pulling power, Dr. Eudene Harry really knows her stuff (featured above). As a practicing emergency medicine doctor, wellness expert, and published author, she knows it all about health, both internal and external. She is sure that you cannot exude youth, freshness, and sex appeal if you’re self-conscious and diffident. On the other hand, if you believe in yourself, you will draw in looks like a magnet. Embracing yourself and turning flaws into benefits, are the messages she conveyed in her bestseller book “Be Iconic: Healthy and Sexy at any Age”. I was honored to take photographs for the cover. And I was glad to see her returning to my studio again for more photos!

Eudene is the kind of person you would take an example from. Whether it is her amazing career, her positive attitude towards life, or her stunning look, she won’t leave anyone indifferent. The way she presents herself in real life and the pictures caught by my camera is a perfect demonstration of power posing. There is something in her posture that transfixes the look and makes her inner strength almost palpable.

Many women lose their spark with age but this amazing woman becomes even more mesmerizing, just like a fine wine. She is comfortable in her own skin, she knows her best sides, and she is not afraid to show them. The secret of her captivating demeanor is her confidence in herself. Of course, you can’t become a self-assured person overnight if now you are shy and timid but mastering powerful poses is a sure way to take the captivation of your photographs to a whole new level.


What Are Powerful Poses for Photography?

posing for photography

The most straightforward definition is your stance. Your pose is a body language that speaks volumes about who you are. It is not only about standing tall with your spine straight but also the way you put your arms, hands, feet, head, and whole body. When every part of your body creates a cohesive silhouette, your image becomes natural and relaxed.


A powerful pose is not about being stiff as if with a stick up your bum. Vice versa, it is about showing that you are at ease and comfortable. Bend your joints, put your feet hip-width apart, loosen your shoulders, and keep your chin tipped up – this is the universal recipe for attractive pictures.


However, your look won’t be candid if your body conveys a wonder woman but the deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression is frozen on your face. A genuine smile is always a win-win solution. If you are too nervous or you think that grinning is not your forte, don’t try to coax it out of yourself. It will look fake anyways. Instead, you can try on an expression of thoughtfulness or dreaminess. Also, don’t make your eyes round like you just saw a ghost. Slightly squinted eyes will give your photographs a feel of happiness and genuineness.

Ambiance and Clothing


If you haven’t been born with the inane powerful posing ability, you can learn it through practice. It will take some time and patience, both from you and your photographer, but stunning pictures are worth it. As I have already mentioned, the key to a naturally engrossing portrait is feeling in your element. No stress or anxiety is welcomed on the set. And if they show up, we’ll find a way to send them packing.


However, it all starts with you. Think of things that make you feel relaxed. Those can be earrings inherited from your grandmother, your favorite jeans, high heel shoes, anything. If it is not things but people who can loosen you up, bring them with you as your cheerleaders. Vice versa, you can try on a look totally different from the one you sport every day. For instance, it is great if you can borrow or rent a stunning dress to feel like a real queen. Such a luxurious thing may give you the desired boost of confidence.

Where your photoshoot takes place also matters. If it is your first attempt to exhibit your powerful poses, you might want to stick to a familiar ambiance, such as your favorite spot in a park. Nature provides a sense of tranquility and harmony, just what you need to wind down.


Discover Your Powerful Poses for Photography

Shooting in the comfortable confines of a photo studio has its benefits, too. It is always warm, dry, and cozy. Light is always on point for perfect photographs. Maybe you would like a cup of coffee or music to relax? We can make it happen. You can get all it all, plus my professional perspective, at Tamara Knight photo studio. Whenever you want to look your best, I am here to lend a helping hand. Let’s discover your statement pose together!


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